Wine and bulls: Your riskiest wine glass

| 27 July, 2016
Wine and bulls: Your riskiest wine glass

Wine and Brandy de Jerez Route, among its many proposals, has a section dedicated to nature, where you can find and enjoy related to the equestrian world, the 4x4 through the countryside, beekeeping or Doñana experiences. This time we talk about the world of bull in its natural environment.


What is Bulls Tourism?


"Bulls Tourism" is Anthropology, History, Culture, Nature, Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Economics, Food, Entertainment ... for thousands of years the bull has been present in different geographical locations, but it is in the Iberian peninsula where sits and where such a special and different as is the bull race is created.

Currently Spain, Portugal, France, several countries in America, so unfamiliar areas as the Azores Islands or the US (where games are made with bulls), bull make the world a universe full of wealth, values ​​and contrasts.

To discover, learn, live, and access to places or situations almost impossible a few years ago, it is gradually becoming a reality. Watch live and real way how you live the wild animal in the field, learn about their breeding, feeding, selection, meet the people who run and work on the farms, professional, economic resources generated, and learn about the unknown of this world is the objective of the work of companies like Bull Watch Cadiz.

Fans interested or nature lovers now have the opportunity to really know what's behind a way of life for centuries, and a world that gives personality to an area of ​​exceptional natural, cultural and gastronomic values ​​such as our.

If you want to know the world of bull in the field, you will learn, among others, the following curiosities:

Why the bulls chase the red?

What behavior has the bull in the field?

How bulls are selected?

What does work Mayoral?

If you want to enjoy an exclusive visit to a herd of bulls follow this link:


dare yourself


What you will see really during the visit while enjoying a snack with a glass of sherry?