Jerez & Tabancos

| 04 September, 2016
Jerez & Tabancos

Just read some of the opinions of visitors from tabancos in Jerez to understand the magic that surrounds them. I could write a lot about tabancos, I remember going with my father sometimes (he called the "Pasapoga") and I loved seeing the characters who were passing the time between tons of smoke and glasses always full wine, but I love to hear what customers have passed through its counters they say. Expressions like the following summarizes the perception people have of them: "Flamenco daily"; "Essential"; "Art and gastronomy pure"; "I leave you amazed"; "Authentic"…. Here you have some opinions taken from TripAdvisor that summarize pretty well everything that can be said of our recovered tabancos:


  • "Great hangout where visitors can enjoy flamenco performances daily, and from what opportunity is given to young talents. It can be enjoyed by a wide range of bulk wines of the region accompanied by tapas of cheese, sausages, artichokes PX and some other treat. Very recomandable to go for a wine before lunch or dinner. "
  • "A must to understand what were the tabancos of Jerez with live performances and tapas with wine very rich place"
  • "Good place to hear pure flamenco and not "touristy". If you're in the bar, you point the account with chalk on it. Cheap prices."
  • "Good place to get sucked flamenco and wine, fine decoration and place of demure size, usually filled if advertised live flamenco performance. Highly recommended and detail, point your account with chalk on the bar (if you're in the bar), that is being lost today gentlemen !! "
  • "Good tapas, good atmosphere typical tabanco, very welcoming. By chance we had the great good fortune that had flamenco performance. I was sublime. You pay 20 € minimum consumption per table (not per person). We were 10, we took 2 tables in a quiet and tasted good tapas and wine. I see it cheap. The singer's performance was outstanding. "
  • "After going to a performance of flamenco dancer and we can not say anything but it was a fantastic experience and eager to repeat as well we did the next day. no longer give free nor good morning in many places. Well here it is free. "
  • "Unmissable place in Jerez. Small and cozy. Wooden bar where chalk has targeted. Sierra Maestro spectacular wines. Flamenco almost every day, good and cheap tapas. A classic Route tabancos. "
  • "One of the last tabancos of Jerez located in a hidden street but worth seeking out and take a sherry. The very friendly owner offers you chacinas. The site is an old winery with a courtyard in the background. A precious pearl that links you to the past. When it is full no atmosphere !!! "
  • "A tabanco is formerly a site that dispenses wine and this place lives up to its name at the Plaza Plateros. It seems almost every night for 21 hr there “cante jondo” and flamenco dancer, the show is free, but we do not catch him if we had some fine wines with a lid Mecha meat. The place is old and quaint there are many people, I advise always go with time to take place and to see the show. "
  • "Tucked into a set street is a tavern of before, where you can try different types of wines from Jerez economically. The tapas are good and not small. It is traditional meal of tapas and sandwiches, which are not very small, are fine. Remarkable, the Jerez Campero garlic (who do not always think …)
  • "The place is so beautiful that excites you, typical, charming, is phenomenal, “papelones” sausage, wonderful wines, treatment from the owners and rulers of the local, lovable and very correct, certainly one of the places that do not you can lose if you go to Jerez "

Some of the most renowned are:


Tabanco El Pasaje

c / Santa María, 8

Tabanco San Pablo

c / San Pablo 12

Tabanco La Bodeguita

c / Arcos 5

Tabanco Plateros

c / Francos 1

Tabanco El Guitarrón of San Pedro

c / Bizcocheros, 16

Tabanco Las Banderillas

c / Caballeros 12

Tabanco La Pandilla

c / Los Valientes, 4


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