What it's left to do in The Jerez Harvest Festival?

| 13 September, 2016
What it's left to do in The Jerez Harvest Festival?

Since 1948 they have been held in Jerez, although with different names (Fair Vintage; Autumn Festival, Wine Harvest Festival) our festivals dedicated to wine, the cornerstone of the economy of the area and of society in general and declared Tourist interest in Andalusia in 2015.

They noted for its tradition, history and impact the Pisa of the grape, the Feast of the Bulería and food and wine activities.

Today we will make a brief tour of the activities that remain outstanding for your enjoyment, from tomorrow, Wednesday 14 to Sunday 18 September. The days, hours, reservations and details can see them in:



Visits to wineries, galleries and historical archive with tastings of great wines

Visit Winery tasting Cocktails Founder

Guided tour of the cellars ending with tasting different cocktails made with wine and Brandies of Jerez

Lunch at the winery: Live a unique experience enjoying a nice lunch at the winery Viña La Constancia. Wine and typical local cuisine combine to offer a quality service in a unique setting. The goal is simple lunch, make your visit an extraordinary moment.


NoSoloCatas: Walking tour of historic and tastings 3 wine pairings town

master tasting in the cellar and in Lostau BODEGAS GRUPO ESTÉVEZ, New edition of this annual event around Sherry and its multiple possibilities of pairing with the best cuisine in our area. Patio de Armas - Alcázar de Jerez

sensory show 'Sensations Wine' is an exciting experience to live with family, friends or colleagues, a sensory blind tasting that will allow us to discover the secrets of wine during an evening in which anything can happen. It all starts with a guided tour of the vineyard and the winery, then in one of the lounges, we will deliver a mask that we must take all evening. This mask will allow us to feel and live, though not discover a magical and mysterious place, hidden from our eyes. Once settled, we will taste a total of five types of wine, and each will be paired with a different story. After moving over time to different times and places, everything will end and we will see the light, receiving the mask as a gift that will allow us to remember the journey made. A journey that will remain etched in memory forever.


Yoga between vines: We start with a guided tour of the vineyard and winery, followed by a yoga class vineyards and ending with a wine tasting. A new experience, an enjoyment for the senses, a fusion between yoga and sherries. A perfect union between body, mind, spirit and wine.

18.00 routes at sunset Vineyards and tasting Jerezanos

Tour at sunset by the Countryside Jerezana paths through vineyards, observing its landscape, its payments and its centenarian vineyards houses. We will make some stops to explain, vintage, work in the vineyard and the wine aging process. We taste some of their wines accompanied by a tasty snack. Art catches your senses in the heart of the countryside, a gallery in full vineyard, where you can enjoy a unique evening and that can accompany a selection of cocktails Sherry (cocktails and wines with special prices)

Pay Macharnudo sunset visit to the vineyard, winery and wine pairings

Visit the Viña- Bodega Santa Petronila. Visit to facilities; welcome drink, vineyard, wine cellar Old, tasting of three wines and appetizer-tasting dinner maridando. You can also visit the winery Maestro Sierra or visit a vineyard in full harvest while tasting wines. Our visits are developed based on an extensive tour through Viña La Constancia, foot field strains between its lines, with beautiful views of the Jerez countryside, from the Cerro Santiago. A guide specialized in oenology, will teach visitors the whole process of growth of the vine until collecting fruit during the harvest period. After the walk, the tour passes Bodegas Heirs Nicolas Martin, where we will learn the traditional process of aging wine frame, based on the Criaderas and Solera. In its facilities you can sample the full range of sherries de las Bodegas, and also have the possibility of maridarlas with typical local cuisine.


Free to Yeguada de la Cartuja "Hierro del Bocado" where you can discover the work of this institution, and admire the best stallions and Carthusian mares exhibiting its elegance and power, as well as see the Carthusian horses of various ages (Visits depending on time of year) they do enjoy and get excited for all audiences.

Horse shows "A outfield" in the Finca Los Albures where Torrestrella livestock and horses Avar Domecq is located, The tour begins traveling a self guided trail walk about 700 meters, the pasture, knowing the fauna and flora. In the freedom of the Andalusian countryside, from a comfortable tier, you can make a day of life of these magnificent specimens. Enjoy the bull as well as riders and horses working in dressage and high school Spanish

Horse show "How the Andalusian Horses Dance" in the beautiful Royal School of Equestrian Art. The exhibition "How the Andalusian Horses Dance 'is an authentic equestrian ballet with distinctly Spanish music and costumes in the style of the eighteenth century, mounted on choreography taken from the reprisses of classical and country dressage and other works of traditional horsemanship


Learn about the Palacio de Campo Real, one of the jewels of the heritage of Jerez, while we visited the oldest winery in Jerez

Leak of Lazotea represents "Juanaca the Cow" adapted from an Andalusian folk tale.

The magical storytellers

dramatized tour 'The origin of sherry': Description of Activity: The famous Greek geographer Strabo, has come to Viña La Constancia to tell some of his exploits. Hand of a wonderful guide, you'll discover the characteristics of the wines and all with the presence of our friendly characters.

Glazz concert. Plaza de la Asuncion

Magic show. Children's activity. Plaza de la Asuncion

The Piece of the Month: 'Christian Asta registration tables', by Eugenio Vega and Francisco Gean Antonio García Romero, the Center for Historical Studies Jerezanos

Then 'The Piece of the Month and the artist's eye' interpretation of the piece by the artists of the group 'El Arroyo' Carmen Guerrero and Juan Ramon Diaz Pinto

Boleros concert. Quimbao Quartet. Plaza de la Asuncion


Continue until Sunday the route from the top, sponsored by acoje Y BODEGAS SÁNCHEZ ROMATE and where consumers can vote the participant cap


 Another important aspect, flamenco, Flamenco cycle includes IV is written with "M de Mujer" Women in Tabanco Passage.